“In the past I have been quite satisfied with just plain tap water. I’ve tried numerous bottled waters and couldn’t notice much difference between them and the tap water, but after experiencing the chemical free and pure taste of Spring Alive bottled water, I have found the difference in taste to be amazing. I am now drinking much more water than in the past and am feeling much better for it. Thankyou Spring Alive.”
Jeff Toering, Founder – Athlegen Treatment Tables

‘This water is really, really yummy.’
Adam Wisniewski (8 years of age), Marulan

“Water is an essence of life, and with so many commercial waters available that we are lead to believe are pure and doing us little harm, it is a joy to have discovered SpringAlive. Through my own fact finding, I have come to identify Spring Alive as a company of high intention and integrity, who produces and makes available, highly energised water of the purest origins. I rest easy in the knowledge that Spring Alive water guarantees both the safety and well being of myself and my family.”
M. Ireland, Mittagong

 “I am really impressed by your service. Bernie, your delivery man has such good customer service skills. It has been such a pleasure to deal with someone who looks neat and professional and who is also friendly. He took the time to explain everything to me. What a nice experience. We are loving the water and drinking a lot more as a result.”
Julie McCarthy, Goulburn Internet

“ Spring Alive water is just like soft drink - delicious and thirst-quenching but without all the sugar and preservatives. The big test is the kids - and they just love it...they don't ask for soft drinks any more.”
Andrew Mevissen, Burradoo

“Just a quick note to let you know how much I LOVE your water and that all the care you take really makes a difference.”
Jade Richardson, Sydney

“Love the flavour, very soft, quite distinctive from some of the other waters in the area. I can highly recommend it.”
Tony Springett, Springett’s Arcade, Bowral

“I was introduced to Spring Alive water late 2003. Water has always been my ‘drink of choice’ although I did not realise the difference between different water sources. After a couple of weeks of Spring Alive water I happened to drink a glass of filtered town supply and almost choked! The taste was horrible and I found it hard to finish the glass! Since that time I have only drunk Spring Alive Water. Outwardly the most noticeable effect of the water is my skin. It glows with health! Over the past months I have introduced Spring Alive water into my workplace, at first for my team and recently as an offering for my customers. The key comment I am hearing from people as they drink their glass is ‘it really tastes like water.’ Thank you Andrew and Katinka for bringing this beautiful liquid to us.”
Sue Sharpe , Phoenix Rising Books, Glebe, Sydney

“This delicious water is nature’s gift. I drink it everyday for my health and well- being.”
Diana Traill, Burradoo

“We have a $1500 Laura Star high pressure steaming iron that we purchased 2 years ago. The instructions say that you should empty the water every 10 hours of operation. We decided to use Spring Alive Energised Spring Water instead and are very grateful we have. We have never emptied the water in the whole 2 years we’ve had it, and the iron still works brilliantly. We have never had any scale build-up or blockages and it has never required any maintenance. Using your water has been a hassle-free, maintenance-free and very cost effective way of giving us peace of mind.”
Thushari Samarasena, Sydney  

“It is such a pleasure to drink water that is alive. I can really experience the difference between Spring Alive and other waters. I know it is doing me a lot of good. Congratulations on your discovery.”
Sam Ades, Ultimate Remedies, Sydney

‘It’s the best water I’ve ever tasted.’
Nathan Timbs (11 years of age), Moss Vale

“One of the best customer service experiences I’ve ever had.” 
G Ward,  Goulburn

“My husband has gone from drinking 4 litres of cordial each week to none, now that we have Spring Alive, because he actually likes the taste of Spring Alive. The saving I’m making on not having to buy the cordial pays for our Spring Water.”
S.Charnock, Goulburn


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