About Our Spring Water

At Spring Alive we pride ourselves in offering the best quality spring water available. We invite you to TASTE THE DIFFERENCE.

What’s Different About Spring Alive Energised Spring Water?

Our spring water has a very different taste and ‘texture’. It is refreshing, soft and easy to drink, even at room temperature. We guarantee that our spring water is the best quality drinking water available . How can we do this?

Our Source

Spring Alive is sourced from a natural, free-flowing spring located in a rainforest pocket near the picturesque village of Burrawang in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. This is a ‘true spring’ where the water flows naturally out of the ground – continuously, regardless of rainfall. This special water is naturally filtered through the rock and soil, runs out of the spring crystal clear, is ‘mature’, highly oxygenated and energised and tastes amazing, just as nature intended. Water in this state has a highly ordered structure with small molecular water clusters that repel each other to produce energy and has a high availability of oxygen.

Our Energising Process

We also treat our spring water to an award–winning energising process when we bottle it. This ensures our alive spring water retains its high energy and health giving properties. This revolutionary technology uses nature’s own energy to restore any of the water’s missing natural properties. The patented process creates a charge which splits any larger molecular water clusters into many more smaller ones, causing them to repel each other to produce energy. This process changes the inner structure of water and returns the water molecule to a highly ordered state, making the water more stable. The water is revitalised through the use of a field effect generated by highly structured water (‘information water’). This information water passes structural information through its field to the water nearby by magnetic resonance transfer and the passing water is spun in a vortex (the principle of implosion) to energise and oxygenate it. The water that passes near the information water takes on a new structure and is ‘revitalised’.

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