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15L Energised Spring Water

Base Rate $11.00 each

Pre-payment Discounts:
Pay in advance, receive a generous discount and have your water delivered as required.
25 bottles @ $10.00 each ($250)
50 bottles @ $9.00 each ($450)
100 bottles @ $8.50 each ($850)


Spring Alive offers a full range of water coolers and dispensers. All prices are inclusive of GST.


Available in either free-standing or bench top models.

All our coolers feature a ‘no spill spike’, which means you don’t have to remove the caps from the bottles, making bottle replacement easy and hygienic.

Free-Standing Water Cooler

Free-standing Water Coolers sit directly on the floor. Available in Room / Cold, and Hot / Cold.

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Free-Standing Water Cooler - Room/Cold or Hot/Cold Taps


Room + Cold





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Rental Monthly






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Diameter = 320mm; Height = 940mm (1300mm with bottle)

Features: Australian Made. Cold tap chills water to 5°C and has a chilling capacity of 5 litres per hour during peak periods. Hot tap heats water to 95°C delivering 50 cups per hour and is fitted with a child proof safety mechanism.

Benchtop Water Cooler

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Benchtop Water Cooler - Cold or Hot/Cold Taps







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Width = 330mm; Depth = 370 mm; Height = 420mm (780mm with bottle)

Features: Designed to fit conveniently on a kitchen or office countertop. Stylish, high quality unit. 5 year full replacement warranty. Canadian design. LG compressor. Stainless steel tanks and tubes. 3.8L cold tank capacity and 1.5L hot tank capacity. Cold tap chills water to 7°C and has a chilling capacity of 3.5 litres per hour. Hot tap heats water to 93°C in approximately 3 minutes, delivering 4.7 litres per hour and is fitted with a child proof safety mechanism. On/Off switch for hot tank. Exceptional cooling and heating rates and runs very quietly. Handy LED lights indicating when water reaches optimum temperature.

Note: Rental cooler model supplied may vary, subject to availability.

Ceramic Dispenser

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Ceramic Dispenser
Diameter = 250mm; Height = 610mm (includes bottle)

The Ceramic Dispenser keeps the water just below room temperature. Can sit on the edge of a bench or table.

Wooden Bench Stand

Sits the dispenser away from the edge of the bench or table.

Wooden Floor Stand
Diameter (at base) = 250mm; Height = 720mm

Allows the dispenser to be free-standing on the floor.


Ceramic Dispenser - To Buy
Includes 2 free bottles of water




Wooden Bench Stand - To Buy




Wooden Floor Stand - To Buy




1L SIGG Reusable Bottles


1 L




Sports Cap



More information

Storage Rack


Stores 6 x 15L Bottles



Monthly rental




Hand Pump


Hand Pump




Cups (200ml) and Cup Dispensers to fit onto the free-standing coolers.


Cups per sleeve (50 cups)




Cups per box (20 sleeves, 1000 cups)



Cup dispensers for coolers available




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